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chemical reaction

Heating up in the science lab.

Today the Grade 3’s predicted, tested and recorded how heat affects materials such as chocolate, ice, salt and marbles.

Blowing up balloons!

‘In science today , we blew up balloons with bicarb soda and vinegar. We put a balloon on top of the bottle and it blew up’- Bella and Bridie Grade 2  

Coloured Brekky

The preps were busy painting break with coloured milk and then toasting it. This was a great example of a chemical reaction, as it is irreversible. YUMMO!  


Watch Vinegar and Bicarb soda reacting, with added effects of colouring and dish liquid.

Blowing up balloons with Carbon Dioxide

Vinegar + Bicarb Soda —> Carbon Dioxide and a blown up balloon.

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