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Experiments for home

Experiments the children can perform at home will be listed

Term 4 kicks off with a bang!

We’ve been busy in the science lab today. The Grade 1s have measured density discovering that an unpeeled orange floats yet a peeled orange sinks- why, I wonder? The Grade 2s and 4s have been creating lava lamps while the Grade… Continue Reading →

Friction Puppets

Did you know friction can be used to make a cardboard puppet climb up string? The friction between the straw which is attached at the back of the puppet and the string holds the the puppet in place. While the… Continue Reading →

Sun Power

Edward and Judd made a windmill from lego technics. The windmill can be powered by battery or by a photovoltaic cell. Here is a video showing off there awesome creation. Movie on 2014-03-20 at 09.53

Grade 6 science experiment

Conductors & Insulators Electricity can only flow through metals. Copper is the metal used in wiring. Metals are known as conductors. Insulators are materials which don’t conduct electricity. These include: plastic, wood, rubber, wool and earth.Movie on 2014-02-21 at 10.38

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