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Grade 6

Grade 6 science category for St Patrick’s Primary School Wangaratta

Term 4 kicks off with a bang!

We’ve been busy in the science lab today. The Grade 1s have measured density discovering that an unpeeled orange floats yet a peeled orange sinks- why, I wonder? The Grade 2s and 4s have been creating lava lamps while the Grade… Continue Reading →

Bath Bombs Explode

Just add bicarb soda, citric acid, lavender, almond oil, petals and colour- BANG! You have a bath bomb.

Deadly Australians

The children were inspired to classify different animals into their groups, after their amazing experience at the Deadly Australian Presentation. Here is an example of a reptile and mammal skeleton. Reptile: Rattle snake Mammal: Marmoset

Saltwater circuitry

Did you know an electric current can flow through saltwater. Last week the Grade sixers tested how different saltwater concentration affects the flow of electricity. The greater the concentration of salt, the greater the current.

Harvest time!

The Grade 3’s harvested the garlic and herbs (parsley, rosemary and mint) to sell at this weekends Wangaratta Farmers Market. Our room smells amazing!! Thanks Mr Fram for your garlic bulbs in June, they’ve grown beautifully.

Energy Wise

This is Alice and Amelie’s room heating data that they have collected over 3 weeks. The deal range for winter heating is 18 to 20 degrees. This chart shows how well St Pat’s is doing at being Energy Wise.

pH values

Today the Grade 6’s investigated pH. They were able to determine the pH of various substances using red cabbage indicator. Look at the photo below and the pH table to see if you can determine the pH values cabbage indicator

Eco Project Visit

Yesterday the Eco Project Trailer came to St Pats. The Grade 5’s and 6’s attended sessions which looked at energy production (comparing coal generated power to solar power), energy efficiency in the home and how to reduce your carbon footprint.

Image Post

Sun Power

Edward and Judd made a windmill from lego technics. The windmill can be powered by battery or by a photovoltaic cell. Here is a video showing off there awesome creation. Movie on 2014-03-20 at 09.53

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