National Science Week 2015!

As always at St Pat’s we are busy in the science lab, however this week is special. It’s National Science Week, to celebrate I’d love for parents to ask their children what they’ve been up to in science. Here are some pictures from today’s lessons.

Photo on 29-07-2015 at 10.05 am Photo on 19-08-2015 at 12.49 pm Photo on 19-08-2015 at 11.51 am Photo on 12-08-2015 at 2.28 pm


Welcome to the blog pages showing you everything we learn in Science at St Pat’s.

“…….like the song says,’It’s a Scientific lifestyle’    “


Science 2015 has started off with a bang this year. The areas of science being studied currently include electricity, forces, biodiversity, plant biology and weather.

Photo on 18-02-2015 at 10.33 am

Photo on 3-09-2014 at 10.01 am

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We are committed to Sustainable Living at St Patrick’s…so watch this space to follow our projects.



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